Six Reasons To Do Cuffing Season

Brr! It’s getting cold outside—right? Well, there are all kinds of ways to keep warm throughout these late fall and following winter months—there’s the hot cocoa, bundling up, cozy pajamas and cranking up the heat in your home. But what about cranking up the heat in your dating life

That’s exactly what “cuffing season” is all about: Finding someone—and not something—to stay cozy and comfy with until the season changes!

While the term has been listed on Urban Dictionary since 2011, the phenomenon still is somewhat new for many daters. It still might not be in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, but the publication does list a definition in its “Words We’re Watching” section—so maybe like the term “selfie,” it will become part of our everyday vocabulary soon!

“Cuffing season refers to a period of time where single people begin looking for short-term partnerships to pass the colder months of the year. Cuffing season usually begins in October and lasts until just after Valentine’s Day,” the OG dictionary says. “The use of the word cuff references handcuffs, but is slang in the same vein as ‘hooking up’ or ‘getting hitched.’”

The term apparently first was used in college newspapers and has origins in African-American vernacular, according to M-W. The publication also says the term “saw significant use as college jargon before ever seeing print; its use in the title of a 2013 song by the rapper Fabulous might have helped to introduce the phrase to the public at large.”

And since its origins, the term has increased in popularity—and so has its practice! So, why are daters so fond of such short-term, seasonal situations?

“We know that in the winter months, there’s less sunlight exposure,” Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a research fellow at The Kinsey Institute, told Mashable in 2019. “And as a result, less production of serotonin that can affect people’s mood in a way that might lead them to want to seek out social connections in order to compensate.”

Well, while Dr. Lehmiller’s conclusion sounds wise, who doesn’t just want someone to keep them warm throughout these chilly months? Here are more than a few reasons why participating in cuffing season might be just the right choice for how Seeking members should spend their time until Spring!

1. Someone To Keep You Cozy

As previously mentioned, the entire reason cuffing season exists is because it’s cold outside during these months! And because of that, cuddling can be really nice this time of year. Sure, the extra blankets in your living room (or on top of your duvet), the hot toddy ingredients waiting in the kitchen and that very comfortable pair of fleece pajamas you adore are all fantastic ways to stay warm. But I’m pretty sure most people agree that snuggling up to a warm body beats them all!

2. Someone To Keep You Entertained

Cuffing season starts in mid-fall and doesn’t end until the end of winter—these are the times that many spend indoors. And as a lot of us are still facing a certain pandemic, even more will be staying in throughout the next few months. With cuffing season in mind, wouldn’t being cooped up with someone special make this more enjoyable? That isn’t a rhetorical question, the answer is yes!
Finding a cuffing season partner means you’ll have someone to cook those Blue Apron or Hello Fresh meals with. You’ll also have someone to join you in watching predictable Hallmark holiday movies—and someone to discuss their obvious plotlines afterwards (even though we know you love those happy endings!). They’ll also be there for card and board games, binge-watching the latest Netflix drop (Hollywood is coming back!) and … well, what goes with Netflix again? Finding someone to chill with throughout these months will only heat things up!
Also, science is on your side with cuffing season. It’s much easier to stay safe and healthy when you’re limiting your interaction to one person!

3. Someone To Be On Your Arm

We’ve all been there: You’re at a family occasion, the drinks are flowing, your relatives are all coupled up and then it happens. “So, still single, huh?”
Well, with a cuffing season partner you won’t have to worry about Aunt Bonnie asking about your relationship status. Find someone to date throughout the holiday season and *BOOM* all the comments from your nagging relatives go away. They might be hearing wedding bells when they see you, but you’ll just be hearing the silence that comes with having a great date on your arm!
Tired of hearing your brothers and cousins brag about their hot wives and asking when you’ll settle down? It’s time for some friendly payback, is it not?

4. Someone To Impress Your Boss With

This one is definitely important for the established gentlemen out there. While family occasions are often marked with lots of questions from relatives inquiring about when you’ll meet someone special, your office party might be even worse. There are a number of industries where an established personal life helps one get ahead in the career game.
And this time of year, there are usually several holiday parties professionals need to attend—ones where you’re mingling with clients and coworkers and, most importantly, bosses. Do you want to go to such occasions alone? Probably not. Appearing to have a healthy and stable social and dating life is attractive and, who knows, might just be the seal on the deal of a promotion!

5. Someone To Say Goodbye To

Cuffing season isn’t exactly for those who are hoping to fall in love, walk down the aisle, say “I do” and live happily ever after in perfect matrimony. This is all about finding someone to help you get by the next few months.
This might be the best part about cuffing season for casual daters, as no one is exactly falling in love. Of course, if a Lifetime movie moment happens and you both go head-over-heels, that’s not a bad thing, either!

Whether you decide to participate in cuffing season or not, it’s pretty difficult to say this idea is a bad one! Both daters get something out of the short-lived partnership and it’s all casual and healthy fun! And it couldn’t be better for Seeking members looking for some companionship—go find your Cuffing Season Partner today!

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