Being the Generous One in a Mutually Beneficial Relationship: What You Should Do to be Successful

However, a little research on maintaining these relationships won’t hurt. It’s best that you know what you’re getting yourself into, especially if you want to be the Generous One. As the Generous One, you’re the one who will shower the other person with gifts and whatever thing you both agree on. You’re the giver in this relationship, but what you give is defined by an arrangement.

So, you may have decided to be the generous one in a mutually beneficial relationship. That’s awesome. But, you need to know that there are certain things you must know if you want this kind of relationship to succeed. Mutually beneficial relationships are amazing. You just have to learn

A lot of people can be judgmental about mutually beneficial relationships because they don’t fit the norm of relationships. But, who cares right? This kind of relationship isn’t illegal, and consenting adults engage in these relationships.

1. Agreements have boundaries

Both parties must stick to the terms and boundaries of the arrangement so that mutual benefits are enjoyed. This isn’t a committed relationship. You can’t suddenly act like a boyfriend or girlfriend to the other party. You don’t own each other. Use the terms and conditions as a guide on how to act around each other.

2. Be clear about what you want

You can ask for anything you want in this arrangement, but remember that the other party must agree to it. Everything has to be consensual. What are your expectations for a mutually beneficial relationship? What do you want to do? What are you unwilling to do? Ask yourself these questions, and tell the other person. Make sure to ask them too if what you want is what they want. Use their answer to decide if you’re going to proceed or not.

3. Be honest about what can you offer

This is an important part of a mutually beneficial relationship. What can you give them? In what ways do you plan to spoil them? Explain your financial situation and what you can provide to the other party. Don’t ever try to present yourself as someone who has more if the truth is you can’t afford it. Be transparent with what you can provide so that you and the other person are on the same page about this relationship. The goal here is for the two of you to enjoy the benefits while fulfilling each other’s needs, so honesty will play a really huge role here.

4. Take your time

You might get excited about this kind of relationship, but there’s no need to rush anything. The important thing is that the two of you get to know each other enough to be comfortable around each other before making grand gestures or what not.


5. Effort goes a long way

Just because you’re in a mutually beneficial relationship doesn’t mean you can just do as you please or give no effort at all. At the end of the day, this is still a relationship bound by an agreement, You and your partner have expectations and needs that must be fulfilled by each other, so it’s best if you put effort into everything you do for this mutually beneficial relationship.

6. Respect is key

Even if you have an unconventional relationship, respect is still important. Treat the other person the way you want to be treated. You’re both human beings, and you both deserve to be treated as such.

7. Patience is important

You might not find the right person right away, That’s a harsh reality of mutually beneficial relationships. Some people might not accept your terms and boundaries, and that’s fine. Be sure to stick with what you want that works for you and the other person. It may take a while, but at least you’ll be with someone who’s on the same page as you in this relationship.

8. You may be in an arrangement, but you don’t own the other person

Some people might think that because they are the Generous One in this relationship, they have more power and control. That’s just wrong. A mutually beneficial relationship should benefit both parties. Let each other be their own person, but still act according to the terms and conditions you agreed on.

Mutually beneficial relationships are different for everybody. What matters is you at least know the basic guidelines so that you don’t accidentally mess up things. It’s important to act accordingly to get the most out of this experience. Again, not everyone will understand this kind of relationship. But what matters is that you and your partner have a common understanding of what you want in it. Happy dating 🙂

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